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The International School of Screen Acting Graduation

I have now graduated from The International School of Screen Acting. I celebrated this with all the brilliant directors and teachers I have had the honour to work with over the course. We showcased and screened our work in the Stratford East Picturehouse cinema. Truly a night to remember.

A Good Day to Die
Dr. Steve North

First time on the big screen. The Film Noir short film, A Good Day to Die, directed by Steve North had a screening in Stratford East Picturehouse. I got to play the iconic Femme Fatale Diane, in this black and white traditional Film noir.

Beauty School
Dr. Paul McEwan

Multi-camera filming for the hilarious sitcom Beauty School, directed by Paul McEwan. We had the brilliant director of photography David Shine. I portrayed the over the top character Marissa.

Dr. Martin Denham

Lots of action in today’s filming for the action-short-film VIRAL directed by the Film Producer Martin Denham. I got the chance to use my one year screen combat training on set. My fight director was Sam Kahn who has been in several major productions, including the hit series Vikings by the creator Michale Hirst.

by Paul McEwan

This workshop in 3 Mills Studio was directed by Paul McEwan. We recreated a scene from BBC TV series Doctors, where Paul McEwan has acted in several episodes as a guest star. Paul McEwan is known from Emmerdale Farm and Heartbeat. He taught us several of his acting secrets as well as his advice on how to survive in the industry.

Dr. Daniel Bowers

I got cast in this gangster scene with an amazing all-female cast. It was a thrilling opportunity to play the villain. It’s a good step in the right direction to start casting women in criminal gangster projects. This was all possible with the help of Daniel Bowers who directed the scene.

International School
of Screen Acting

I got accepted into the International School of Screen Acting, based in 3 Mills Studio In Central London UK. It is London’s largest film & television production studio. At ISSA I have built experience and comfort to work in front of the camera. As well as understanding and respect for how the industry works and what is expected of me as an actress.

33 Pieces

Picture of me dancing in Experience Our Colourful Side. Choreography by Liv Andersson Aira. This was one of many choreographies I got the opportunity to perform on stage in Barcelona. Other choreographers I got the honor to work with were Eva Martz, Alejandro Altamirano, Harriet Macauley, Jennifer Blake, Mandi Guidi and Greg McPherson.

Institute of the Arts Barcelona

I moved from London to Barcelona to continue with my BA (Hons) Dance Performing Arts at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona 2015 – 2017. There I studied ballet, jazz, choreography, commercial, modern, tap, theatre and singing.

London Studio Centre Graduation

I moved to London to start the London Studio Center Foundation course in Performing Arts dance 2014 – 2015. This was the first time I moved to a different country and it was an exciting new chapter of my life.